There are 2 ways to watch the live shows. 

  1. You can watch them live as they are happening.
  2. You can watch them later on our Shows page. We archive all the live events on our Shows page for those who are unable to attend live. 

The live shows are hosted on our Live Show page. They do not occur on the regular Show page, or the event info page.

When the timer reaches zero, you can refresh your browser and click the link in the red banner at the top of the page. 

We send periodic reminders for each show in our Facebook group, Member Forum, and email with a link to the live show page. You can also add the show to your personal calendar.

To join live, add the date to your calendar from our shows page. When the live event starts, refresh the browser or click this link to go to the Live Show page

  • From there you can view the "Chat" to the right of the video.
  • You can sign in to the chat with your Facebook account, Vimeo account, or as a "Guest" (the bottom option)
    • If you have issues logging in, we recommend the guest option. On tablets or phones, you may need to change your viewing orientation for it to display.
  • In the chat window, you can enter your question. Keep in mind that there is a cut-off for comment length, so try to keep the questions concise.