You can visit our Course Library to find specific courses. In the Library, you can filter the courses according to type, style, skill level, and learning focus. 

You can also use the search bar at the top of our website to search for specific keywords. 

In our Library, our learning formats come in 4 types:

  • Courses - These include regular courses, workshops, and challenges. 
  • Lessons - Lessons make up courses. The average course contains 5-10 lessons.
  • Quick Tips - These are short stand-alone lessons which cover a variety of topics.
  • Sheet Music - Our Smartsheets sometimes contain embedded video as supplemental instruction.

These are the main learning formats you will engage with as you study at PWJ.

Our Skill Levels include:

  • Level 1 - This is the complete beginner to early beginner level
  • Level 2 - This is the later beginner to early intermediate level
  • Level 3 - This is the late intermediate to advanced level

Our Styles cover: 

  • Blues, Boogie, Classical, Contemporary, Country, Disney, Fundamentals, Funk, Gospel, Holiday, Jazz Ballads, Jazz Swing, Latin Jazz, New Age, Pop, R&B, Ragtime, Rock, Smooth Jazz, Stride

Our Learning Focuses cover:

  • Accompanying, Analysis, Bass Lines, Chords, Composition, Exercises, Groove, Improvisation, Lead Sheets, Practice Tips, Reharmonization, Reading, Rhythm, Riffs, Scales, Songs