We have 3 piano challenges available. Once you sign up for a challenge, you will receive daily emails with the video lessons until the challenge is over. Each challenge contains 5 free video lessons, 5 emails containing practice tips, and a free backing track to download. You can also choose a beginner / early intermediate version of each challenge, or a late intermediate / advanced version. 

10-Day Blues Challenge

In this challenge, you will learn:

  • The Blues Form
  • Blues Chords
  • Blues Shuffle Grooves
  • The Blues Scale
  • 8th Note and Triplet Runs
  • Up-slides and Down-slides
  • Upper and Lower Position Soloing
  • 3 Master Keys to Creating Blues Lines

Jazz Ballad Challenge

In this challenge, you will learn:

  • The Lead Sheet Melody
  • Diatonic 7th Chords
  • Chord Inversions
  • Chord Shells with 3 & 7
  • A Beginner Stride Pattern
  • Rootless Voicings
  • The "Money Range" for Chord Tones
  • An Advanced Stride Pattern

Amazing Grace Challenge

In this challenge, you will learn:

  • Amazing Grace Lead Sheet
  • Chord Inversions
  • Passing Chords
  • Left Hand Stride Pattern
  • Bass Fills & Pick-Up Notes
  • Melody Embellishments
  • 9/8 Time Signature Feel
  • Reharmonization Techniques

We recommend that you only sign up for one challenge at a time (by style and by level).