Our Smartsheets are a digital sheet music program that uses a software called Soundslice. 

Smartsheets allow you to do the following:

  1. Transpose the sheet music to a different key - You can click the gear icon on the bottom right and this will show you the transposition slider which lets you change the notation to different keys.
  2. Display the digital keyboard - You can click the keyboard icon to display a light up keyboard with separate colors for each hand. 
  3. Loop sections and playback audio - For practice you can highlight section of the music you want to hear and repeat. You can even adjust playback speed.
  4. Play with a metronome - Another great practice tool to use.
  5. View one hand at a time - Adjust whether you see the treble clef or bass clef.
  6. Download or print the sheet music - You can click the gear icon and this will allow you to click print for all lessons sheets. (Premium and copyrighted songs are separate)

Watch the video below to see these features in action.