If you do not see your question answered in the Music FAQ, PWJ members can ask their music questions in the following places:

  • Office Hours - You can hop on Zoom every Tuesday with one of our teachers to get your questions answered or to get feedback on your playing.

  • Member Forum - You can find the forum topic that is relevant to your question and one of our administrators or admins will reply to you. 

  • PWJ Facebook Group - You can post your question with or without a video to hear back from our members and moderators.

  • Live Q&A - You can ask your question in the monthly Live Q&A to receive an answer from our teachers. You can view our upcoming shows on our Shows page.

  • Q&A Submissions - If you cannot attend the live Q&A, you can pre-submit your question in the Student Engagement Portal where we will provide an answer during the next Q&A.

  • Student Assessment - You can submit a video of your playing along with any specific questions you have through the Student Engagement Portal on the Shows page, and he will give you personalized feedback in the monthly Student Assessment.