There are two ways to participate in the Q&A's at Piano With Jonny.

One option is to join live, and the other is to pre-submit a question.

  1. To join live, click this link to go to the Live Show page. 
    • From there you can view the "Chat" to the right of the video.
    • You can sign in to the chat with your Facebook account, Vimeo account, or as a "Guest" (the bottom option). We recommend the guest option.
      • On tablets or phones, you may need to change your viewing orientation for the chat box to display. To see the guest signin option, you may need to scroll down within the chat box.
    • In the chat window, you can enter your question. Keep in mind that there is a cut-off for comment length, so try to keep the questions concise.

  1. To pre-submit a question, click here or go to the Shows page and find the "Student Engagement" portal. From there you can click "Submit a Question for the next Q&A." These questions will be answered in a separate show.