There are a variety of helpful music apps and resources that can help supplement your learning.

Backing Tracks

  • iReal Pro - This app provides customizable backing tracks for any chord progression in any key, tempo, and style. There are also thousands of preset tracks for jazz, pop, and classical songs.

Sheet Music

  • Musicnotes - The top distributor of copyrighted sheet music online. Their app allows you to change keys and play back notation.
  • Sight Reading Factory - This web-app provides hundreds of customizable sight reading exercises in all keys at varying levels of difficulty.


  • Metrotimer - This metronome app comes with a built in timer so you can preset the metronome to stop after a set time interval.
  • Tempi - This app is like a reverse metronome, meaning that it listens to you while you play and detects your tempo.


  • Tonaly - This songwriting and practice app helps you master the cycle of fifths and create music
  • Modacity - This tool provides a practice app that lets you record yourself and set trackable goals.