What is PWJ?

Piano With Jonny is an online piano lesson platform that provides the complete learning experience for pianists of all skill levels. 

How does it work?

Once you sign up for membership, you will gain access to our all-access streaming lessons, along with all the tools you need to reach your piano goals.

What will I learn?

We teach lessons on foundational piano skills such as chords and scales to learn the "language" of music. We then apply these concepts to mastering styles such as blues, jazz, boogie, pop, gospel, funk, latin, swing, and ballads. Our lessons will help you play from a lead sheet, learn to improvise, accompany a singer, and improve hand coordination!

What do we offer?

  • Weekly Office Hours - Hop on Zoom every Tuesday with one of our teachers to get your questions answered or to get feedback on your playing.

  • Live Monthly Workshops - We teach 2 live workshops each month while students can ask questions.

  • Live Monthly Q&A - Jonny hosts live Q&As each month where members can ask him any questions. If you can't attend, you can also pre-submit your question for our teachers to answer.

  • Live Student Recitals - We host live student recitals where our members perform live in front of an audience. This is great for improving your confidence in performing! 

  • Student Assessment - You can submit a video with your question to our teachers and we will provide personalized feedback in the monthly Student Assessment.

  • Monthly Challenges - Each month we host an optional challenge for members to participate it. We recognize the participants at the end of each challenge.

  • Monthly Collaboration - We also host a student collaboration where students get to play along with Jonny and other students. We provide the instructions at the beginning of the month. Students can submit their videos to us and then we edit and publish the final video at the end of each month. It's great fun!

  • Member Forum - A great place to engage in conversations with other students.

  • Member Facebook - You can post videos of your playing for members & the PWJ staff to see. This is a very inspiring and supportive group!

Some of our other key features:

Learning Tracks

Our favorite place to direct students is our guided Learning Tracks.

After selecting your level, you'll follow a recommended sequence of courses for getting started at the piano or mastering a given style such as Blues or Jazz.

Member Course Features

Each course in our catalogue allows you to:

  • View the course objectives and learning focus
  • View lesson descriptions
  • View related courses
  • View the associated Smartsheet
  • Mark a course as a favorite for quick access later

Downloadable Sheet Music & Backing Tracks

At the bottom of each course page, you'll find the downloadable lesson sheet music and backing track if it is available.

If you are still in your 14-day trial, you can click here to upgrade to a full membership with download access.

Progress Tracking

On your Dashboard, you will always see the latest courses that you were working on.

Whenever you complete a lesson or "module", you can mark it as complete by clicking the green checkmark icon ✅

This will keep you focused and on track!

You can also view all your learning in your activity stream.

Student Engagement

On our Shows page, you'll find information about upcoming events and our Student Engagement Portal.

In the portal, you can:

  • Send us a question for the monthly Q&A event
  • Add a request for a workshop topic
  • Submit a video to Jonny for personalized feedback

Make sure to add the online events to your calendar so you don't miss them!